New Pinterest Advertising Format

October 15, 2020
Pinterest Ad Formats

New Pinterest Advertising Formats

Over 80% of Pinners have purchased an item based on content they saw on Pinterest. Utilizing Pinterest Lens and the Shopping Tab, more users are continuing to look to Pinterest for discovering new products to buy.

In September, Pinterest announced that they will be adding new ways for advertisers to reach Pinners utilizing their shopping experiences.

Ahead of Holiday 2020, these new ad experiences provide new opportunities for advertisers to engage with Pinners looking to buy.

Shop On Pins

Pinterest Shop on Pins

Shop On Pins allows a user to shop similar products found in a Pin.

Shop on Pins are found on the "Explore" page of a user's search.
These Pins are identified with a tag icon in the lower left corner. When a user hovers over the tag, tagged product categories appear on the items in the Pin. Selecting a product category shows the user similar items to what was shown in the Pin.

Advertisers can insure their products appear on Shop On Pins by uploading their product catalog and adding all optional product data attributes.

Pinterest has a guide for uploading your product catalog including what attributes are available to tag your products.

Product Detail Pins

Pinterest Product Detail

Similar to slides, Product Detail Pins allows advertisers to add multiple images to a Pin.

Shown on the Shopping Tab, Product Detail Pins can highlight key features of a product or show-off multiple angles.

Product Detail Pins allow you add several eye-catching callouts, including:
  • Product descriptions
  • Keywords (in product description)
  • Original MSRP and Sale Price
  • Ratings
  • Free Shipping Callout on CTA Banner

Clicking on the Pin or "Shop" call-to-action directs a Pinner to purchase on your website.

Shopping With Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Lens allows a user to snap a picture of an item to find similar products to Pin or purchase.

Pinterest Lens is a new way users can find inspiration and similar items to buy.
On mobile, users can snap a photo to find similiar items and inspiration. Lens search results have both an "Explore" and "Shopping" tab.

Pinterest is releasing new ad locations to the Lens Shopping tab. Ads on this search page is not currently available, but will be rolled out before Holiday 2020.
Once the new update is released, Advertisers will be able to place product ads on the Lens Shopping tab.

Ensuring your product category is fully optimizied will be critical to place your ads on these new locations.

Deeper Advertising Analytics - Conversion Insights

The new analytics tool advertisers will be able to receive deeper insights into Pinner's path-to-purchase.

Pinterest Verified Merchants and Shopify retailers will be able to see new metrics to understand the purchase funnel on Pinterest.

New Pinterest Conversion Funnel Metrics:
  • Page Visitors: How many users visited your landing page.
  • Add To Cart: How many users added a product to their shopping carts.
  • Purchases: While not a new metric, the other additions give more insight into the purchase funnel.

Using these new Pinterest metrics will allow advertisers to understand how Pinterest ads fit into their marketing funnel.