Pinterest Analytics Cheatsheet

April 30, 2020
Pinterest Analytics Definitions

Pinterest Overall Metrics


The number of times a pin is rendered (shown) on a screen. Does not necessarily mean a person viewed the pin.


When a person clicks on your pin and expands the image + description.

Link Clicks

The total number of clicks to URLs associated with your pins.


The total number of times a person saved your pins to one of their Pinterest Boards.

Close-Up Rate

A formula: The # of people who viewed a close-up version of your pin / # of impressions

Link Click Rate

A formula: The # of people who clicked your pin URL / # of impressions

Save Rate

A formula: The # people who saved pin to their profile / # of impressions

Total Audience

The total number of people who have viewed or engaged with any of your pins in the last 30 days.

Engaged Audience

The number of people who have viewed or engaged with all of the pins your pins (both organic and promoted).

Pinterest Video Specific Metrics

Video Views

The number of views that lasted at least 2 seconds with 50% of the video on the screen.

Avg. Watch Time

Formula: Total Watch Time / Total Number of Video Plays

Total Watch Time

The total amount of minutes that people have watched your pin.

95% Views

The number of views that watched 95% of your video length.

10 Second Views

Number of views that lasted at least 10 seconds.


A dimension is a descriptive attribute or characteristic of a pin. This section has less to do with numbers and more to do with the terminology used to describe types of pins.


The source dimension is broken down into 2 types: Your pins: Pins that come from re-pinning content or uploading content directly to Pinterest. Other pins: Pins that come from claimed accounts. These are pins that were shared by others from your social media profiles or website.

Content Type

Pins can be categorized into the following content types:
Standard: The default 2:3 ratio image.
Video: Any pin that is a GIF or video.
Story/Carousel: A pin that has more than one image in it - to learn to create one visit here.

Claimed Accounts

A claimed account is an another social media or website you sync up with Pinterest. Below are the accounts you can associate with your Pinterest account:
  • Instagram
  • Etsy
  • Website
  • Youtube
Syncing your accounts with Pinterest allows you to associate your content on other sites with Pinterest. You will then be able to get data on the content other people shared directly from your linked accounts.