Quick-Tip: Keywords on Pinterest Matter

August 10, 2020
Pinterest Keyword Guide

What Are Keywords On Pinterest?

Similar to SEO or hashtags, keywords on Pinterest allows your content to get discovered when a user performs a search.

I recently wrote an article on Pinterest Trends, a new tool Pinterest released in late 2019, which helps you find trending keywords. A more in-depth article on Pinterest trends can be found here.

I sought off to see just how important tagging your content with keywords is.
Utilizing Pinterest Trends, I researched popular keywords to put in my content's descriptions.

The Experiment: Keywords in the Description v.s No Keywords

On two seperate days, I posted a video. One with keywords and phrases and one with no keywords. Both posts where posted at the same time each day.

Below are the two videos that I posted:

No Keywords in Description

Utilized Keywords in Description

  • 70 Video Views
  • 1 Saves
  • 32 Close-Ups
  • 0 Link Clicks
  • 3.2K Video Views
  • 39 Saves
  • 241 Close-Ups
  • 3 Link Clicks

Results were pulled a day after the second pin was published.
The results are pretty conclusive... keywords in the description is key to getting engagement on your pins.

Next Steps: More Experiments

A few other questions arose when I found the results of this experiment. Below are some questions I plan to answer in upcoming testing.

1. Do keywords matter in the title?
2. Do keywords in the title matter more than in the description?
3. On the mobile app, videos can be tagged before pinning. Does tagging content matter more or less than using keywords?
4. How does utilizing keywords matter when it comes to photos vs videos.
5. Does adding a keyword in Pinterest board titles and descriptions improve content visibility?