Advertising And Sponsorship

Sponsorship Opportunities

Below are all of the available sponsorship opportunities.

Hierarchy Pages

  • Homepage
    • Size 300x250
    • $200 One-Time Flat Fee

Article Sponsorships

  • Size 720x90
  • $100 One-Time Flat Fee

Terms Of Service

  • Ads are placed in the order that they are purchased. First come, first serve.
  • Ads must be static - no flash or video ads.
  • Ad placements are first-come-first-serve. Those who purchase first will receive a higher placement.
  • Ad placement will last for the longevity of the article- or until Google releases Google Analytics 5.
  • Ads can be swapped out for a nominal fee.
  • Digital Marketing Director reserves the right to reject advertising opportunties
    • In case of ad rejection, a full refund will be issued.
  • Advertiser can reach out to remove their ad at any time. A refund will not be issued.

  • How To Pay

    Payments can be made by Debit Card, Credit Card or by PayPal.

    Questions? Reach out to